Canvas @ YaleStudent Guides Setting up CanvasHow do I "visit" a Canvas course during Course Selection and Add/Drop Period?

How do I "visit" a Canvas course during Course Selection and Add/Drop Period?

NOTE:  The information provided below has been updated to reflect the new early registration, and course selection and add/drop process for Yale College Students as of Fall 2021.  Graduate and Professional School students will eventually follow this same process once their schools adopt the new registration process.  

FALL 2021:  The schedule for Course Selection has been modified to accommodate earlier registration for courses prior to arrival on Campus.  Below are a few of the key dates - for full details, please check out the Registration Website Calendar:

  • May 3 - June 4: Returning Yale College students can officially register for courses via the Registration Worksheet on Yale Course Search.  Students can add courses they are considering to their Canvas Worksheet on Yale Course Search.
  • July/August TBD: Course Selection will open for Graduate and Professional Schools and First Year Students;  Canvas course sites will be made available to Student and Visitor roles.
  • August TBD: Course selection adjustment period (“add/drop”) begins.
  • September 1: Classes begin.
  • September TBD: Add/Drop ends;  All Visitor enrollments are removed. 

This article guides students through the process of visiting Canvas course sites of the courses for which they are considering registering. Enrollment updates are processed every two hours, so changes you make to your worksheets may not appear right .

NOTE: School of Management has a different process for enrolling in their courses. Please contact the SOM registrar at for more information.

Search for Courses and View Course Syllabi

Students will need to search for courses using Yale's Course Search.  Syllabi are made available in Yale Course Search when the instructor has posted the syllabus and published the Canvas course site.

NOTE: If a course does not have a syllabus, it may mean that the instructor has not posted a syllabus or they have not published their course site.

Add The Course Your Worksheet

Yale College Students will have two worksheets in Yale Course Search:

  • Registration Worksheet - add courses to this worksheet that you want to officially register for.  You will be added with the role of Student to the Canvas course site.
  • Canvas Worksheet - add courses to this worksheet that you would like to visit before you decide to officially register.  You will be added with the role of Visitor to the Canvas course site.

For additional information on how to use Yale Course Search, please refer to the Yale Course Search Resources section of the Registrar's Website. and the Registration Website.

Once you have added a course to your worksheet, it could take several hours before you are enrolled in the course site.  Course enrollments are processed approximately every 2 hours.

End of Add/Drop

At the end of the add drop period, your worksheets will close and you will not be able to make any additional changes.  At this time, your Visitor enrollment will be removed from all courses listed on your Canvas Worksheet.

If you are enrolled in a course as a Visitor but would like to retain access as an unofficial auditor, please contact your instructor and ask to be added as a Guest Student BEFORE you lose access.

For more help, please contact