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How to find courses from past terms?

The Canvas Dashboard page will display all courses that you are enrolled in for the current academic year / fiscal year.**  Once a term has concluded, the prior term courses will be pushed to your Past Enrollments.

** NOTE:  If your instructor has not published the course site or you have used the course favorites feature, you Dashboard page may not display your full list of courses for the current term.  

  1. In order to view courses from past terms, click on Courses [1] from the global navigation
  2. From the side menu that appears, click All Courses [2].
Click on "Courses" from global navigation
  1. Under the Past Enrollments section [3], you will find a list of your past term courses.

NOTE:  Instructors may choose to prevent student access to their course after the end of the term.  If this is the case, the course will not be listed in your Past Enrollments.  If you want to regain access to a course, you would need to contact the instructor and ask them to unlock the course and give you access.

Past Term courses are listed under "Past Enrollments"