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Undergraduate Technology Assistants (UTAs)

What is an Undergraduate Technology Assistant (UTA)?

Undergraduate Technology Assistants (UTAs) are undergraduate students hired to assist Yale College and Graduate School of Arts and Science instructors facilitate their remote teaching.  UTAs are trained by the Poorvu Center to serve as technological resource for faculty.

What can UTAs do?

The primary function of UTAs is to provide technical support to faculty teaching remotely.  Assigned duties may include:  assisting faculty with Zoom, Canvas and other online tools; ensuring Zoom recordings are available for students; managing student participation by monitoring chats and noting hands raised; and other related needs. UTAs will join all synchronous meetings of the course to which they are assigned and will meet as needed with the instructor to discuss technical issues related to remote instruction.

Our article Undergraduate Technology Assistants:  Supporting Online Instruction - which can be found on the Poorvu Center's Academic Continuity Website - highlights tasks that are "in scope" (tasks UTAs can be asked to do) and "out of scope" (tasks that UTAs should not be asked to do).

Who can request a UTA?

Yale College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences instructors teaching courses during the 2020-2021 academic year may request UTAs for their course(s).  Courses with projected enrollments of 50 or more will be guaranteed a UTL; courses with enrollments of less than 50 will be reviewed by the Poorvu Center and the Office of Undergraduate Education in Yale College.

How do I request a UTA for my course?

The window to request UTAs for Spring 2021 closed on December 18, 2020.

Prior to the beginning of the term, instructors were sent an email from the FAS Deans with instructions and link to the UTA request form.  For Spring 2021, all requests were due by December 18, 2020.

What role should I give my UTA in my Canvas course site?

UTAs should only be enrolled in Canvas sites with the Viewer role.

UTAs should be enrolled into Canvas course sites with the role of Viewer.  This role will provide them with the appropriate level of access to complete all in scope tasks.

For information about adding users, please check out our help article on How do I add users to my course?

How do I give my UTA more access to Media Library content?

UTAs are not required to support faculty in their use of Media Library for uploading/editing/removing audio/video content.  You may ask your UTA if they are willing to assist with this content, but they are not required to accept that responsibility.  If your UTA has agreed to assist with contented posted in yuor Media Library, you can provide your UTA additional access by following these instructions to How can I share a folder? but, make sure that when sharing with your UTA, you must select to allow them "Can create" access (see below).

When giving a UTA additional permissions in Media Library, select the permission Can Create

I still have questions about UTAs - who should I contact?

For any questions about UTAs or the tasks that they can perform for your course, please reach out to the Poorvu Center via our contact us form.