Annual Admin Access Renewal

Each summer, all Canvas admins will receive an email and instructions about the annual admin renewal process. All admins must complete the renewal process regardless of when they first received admin access. To renew access, all Canvas admins are required to review and re-acknowledge the FERPA Agreement and the Canvas Admins Acceptable Use Policy. Those who do not complete the re-acknowledgment will lose access after the posted deadline.

What do I need to do in order to renew my admin access?

Existing admins will be notified via email and Canvas announcement that it is time to renew their Canvas admin access. Those who no longer require admin access may disregard these notifications, and their access will be removed. However, users who continue to require admin access as part of their job responsibilities will be asked to re-acknowledge the FERPA Agreement and  theCanvas Admins Acceptable Use Policy. They will also receive the opportunity to review and refresh tutorial for appropriate usage of their admin access and Canvas admin dashboard.

Once renewing admins completed the requirements, the Canvas @ Yale Educational Technology will be notified, no further action is needed, and there will be no disruption of access.

Should an admin fail to complete the requirements by the set due date, they will risk their admin access being lost. These users will need to have their designated requester submit a new admin request on their behalf in order to restore access. Returning admins will be expected to complete the same requirements as a renewing admin.

Can my access be taken away?

Your Canvas admin access will be maintained unless:

  • Your school / department requester asks that your access be removed.
  • During an admin audit, your school / department requester indicates that your access is no longer needed.
  • You fail to re-acknowledge the FERPA Agreement and the Canvas Admins Acceptable Use Policy before the renewal deadline.
  • You move positions to another department that no longer requires Canvas admin access.
  • You leave your position at Yale.

How long is my admin access good for?

Admin access is valid until the following July after you receive admin access.

In July / August, all admins are asked to re-acknowledge the FERPA Agreement and the Canvas Admins Acceptable Use Policy and receive 2 months to complete the requirements. Once you complete the requirements, your access will be renewed until the following July.

If you do not complete your admin access renewal before the deadline, you will need to have a designated requester submit a brand new admin access request form to reestablish your admin access.

For more information on the Canvas Admin Access renewal process or if you have an admin access renewal not outlined above, please contact [email protected].