Admin Access in Canvas

The admin role in Canvas is a role that allows users to search for, view, and in some cases add / edit / remove users and content to a Canvas course site without having to be enrolled into the course roster.   

Admin access is typically reserved for those people at Yale who support schools or departments with many courses.

This access is not for staff who are supporting a few selected courses / faculty, or for individuals who are currently enrolled in degree programs at Yale. If you are only supporting a single faculty member with just a few courses, you should instead ask the instructor to add you to their course site with the TA or Guest Instructor role.

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Canvas Admin Access Overview

Some university roles such as registrars or LMS support staff necessitate admin access within the Canvas @ Yale LMS environment. These responsibilities vary and Canvas admin access is provided on an as needed basis at a level best suited to meet these responsibilities. To ensure our admins understand how to use admin permission appropriately, all users requesting admin access must complete a tutorial and acknowledge both a FERPA Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.

Canvas Admin Eligibility

In order to protect the integrity of our LMS, which houses course content and student data, only certain users are eligible to gain admin access.

Candidates Eligible for Admin Access Candidates not Eligible for Admin Access
  • Canvas @ Yale and ITS support
  • Library and eReserves staff
  • Registrars and Admins supporting all faculty in a school / department
  • Professional school LMS support staff
  • Certificate or non-academic program support staff
  • DUS / DGS
  • Faculty including instructors, lectors, and lecturers
  • Students and student workers
  • Non-Yale users

Additional Information

Please visit the following guides for more information on Canvas Admin Access:

For more information on Canvas Admin Access or if you have an admin access request not outlined above, please contact [email protected].