Setting Up Your Syllabus

The purpose of this article is to provide information on how to effectively use the Syllabus tool in Canvas based on student’s feedback.

For students to be able to search for your course in Course Search during Course Selection period, you should upload your syllabus and publish your course. However, there is much more you can do to utilize this tool to be able to ensure the students are aware of the work that will be due throughout your course.

You can use the syllabus tool as an organization tool by creating an interactive syllabus which has links to other components, including readings, videos, modules, and assignments, so the students will only have to go to one page on your course to access all other content. Below is an example on an interactive syllabus which is organized by week.

Interactive Syllabus

A. Link to Page with list of readings & websites required for that week

B. Link to Assignment due.

C. Link to Page which is set to be available after class date & time

D. Link to File for reading

To learn how to create an interactive syllabus, please see the following help documentation:

For more help, please contact