External App: Piazza Q&A

The Piazza / Canvas integration is being removed at the end of the Fall 2020 term. 

Ed Discussions has been integrated as a replacement for your Q&A needs.

Piazza is two products - Piazza Q&A and Piazza Network.   Only the Piazza Q&A tool is supported by the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

Piazza Q&A is an online discussion tool that gives students anonymity options to encourage everyone—even shy students—to ask and answer questions. Instructor endorsements of good questions and answers let instructors push the class in the right direction. Here is more information on Piazza Q&A. 

Piazza Network is packaged together with Piazza Q&A, and is for students and potential employers to connect outside of your class.  Piazza Network is only presented to students because they are the target audience.  Please advise your students Piazza Network is NOT required to participate in Piazza Q&A, and they can modify their personal settings by reviewing the following guide.  Here is more information on Piazza Network.

How to add Piazza to your Canvas Course Site

To enable Piazza Q&A in your course, go to Settings from your course navigation, then select the Navigation tab.  Piazza is disabled (off) by default - to enable Piazza, you will want to enabled it by clicking and dragging it up above the fold.

Click Save at the bottom to save your changed settings.

To create a piazza course, click on the Piazza link in the menu.  To create a new class, verify the information for Class Name and Class Number and Term, and enter an estimate for the number of students in your course.

If you have already created a class on Piazza you wish to link to, you can search for and associate your course to that Piazza Q&A board as well.

Your course configuration settings are next. You will not need to complete most of this during your initial set-up, but you will want to consider an Access Code for your course and adding this to your syllabus or other location in your class.

This will allow you to limit your Piazza Q&A Board to those who know the code - otherwise anyone with a @yale.edu would be able to join through the main Piazza website.

You will not need to share a course URL or enroll professors, TAs, or students into your course, as all participants will be able to join through the Piazza menu item in your Canvas course site navigation.

Once your course is set-up, you will be brought to this welcome screen.

Most of these posts are private just to you as the instructor, and can be deleted.  

Consider Disabling Piazza Network Settings

After you have created your course, consider going back into the settings to disable the "Top Student badge" setting for your course.  Participating in the Piazza Network, which is not part of Piazza Q&A, is an individual decision for you and your students, but we want you to be aware of this setting not presented to you during the course creation process.

If you have any questions about Piazza Network, please email askpoorvucenter@yale.edu. 

Student Experience Joining your Piazza Q&A board

If you have chosen to set a course access code, when your students join for the first time, they will be asked to enter this  code to get into the Piazza Q&A Board for your course.  This may seem inconvenient, but is important because otherwise anyone with an @yale.edu email can join your class. They will only need to do this once. 

Only students who have clicked to join will be added to the Piazza Q&A board, there is no automatic roster sync between Piazza and Canvas.

After they have joined your class, they will be asked to verify their Piazza Account information to also add them to the Piazza Network.  

Please inform your students this is NOT required to participate in Piazza Q&A.

To avoid being enrolled in Piazza Network, have them select "I'm not pursuing a degree" and continue.

After they have been successfully enrolled in the course, your students will be broad to the following welcome screen.

Additional How To Documentation

For more information on how to use more of the features in Piazza Q&A, please review the following guides provided by the vendor.