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PlayPosit: Monitoring / Grading Student Submissions

When PlayPosit activities are graded and tied to a Canvas Assignment, the students' grades will automatically pass from PlayPosit to the Canvas Grades area immediately upon submission.  

  1. To view student submissions, the instructor can go to the Canvas Assignment / Page / Module Item where the PlayPosit bulb is located and click on it. When the activity loads, click the "Monitor" button.
  1. You will then be taken to PlayPosit where you will see general submission information of students who have completed the bulb in the spreadsheet view
  2. To view a specific student's submission, click on the Learner's Name.
    1. Some question types in PlayPosit may require you to manually grade student submissions.
  3. If you make updates to grades in PlayPosit, you can use the "Sync Grades" button to push your updated grades into the Canvas Grades area.

Additional Resources:

For assistance with PlayPosit, please email [email protected].