External App: Ed Discussion Polls

Available now within Ed Discussion is the ability to create quick anonymous straw polls within your discussion.  Please note, once polls are created they cannot be edited, but creating quick polls in this way can be a great way to gain informal feedback on a topic, or pick the next direction of conversation.

For a more robust online polling solution, please consider Poll Everywhere.

Adding a poll to your discussion

To find and insert a poll into your online discussion,  first create a new post, and then select Poll under the lightning bolt icon to the left of the editor menu.

You can quickly create a poll with up to 10 options, allowing for a single selection, or multiple answers.

The poll can  remain open until closed manually, or you can choose to have it close automatically based on the following set of options.

  • in 10 minutes
  • in 1 hour
  • in 1 day
  • in 1 week
  • at a specific time

Closing your poll

Once your poll has been launched, if you have not set a date or time for the poll to close automatically, you can manually close your poll by going to the three dot menu on the right, and choose close poll.

Once the poll is closed, the results of the poll will be displayed for the participants.

Polls can be re-opened after they have been closed through the same three dot menu, and participants can change their vote by revoking their selection and changing their options before resubmitting.