Bulk Copy Course Videos


Canvas course instructors have the ability to manually copy Panopto videos from previous courses into new courses from within the media library. When course content is manually copied, the videos in the original course's folder and any subfolders are copied to a new course folder. Where applicable, embedded videos are updated and linked to the new video copy. The new media library course folder is only shared with those enrolled in the new course. 

1. Copy a Panopto Course Folder

1.1. Open the new  course folder in media library that you want to copy content into from another folder. 

1.2. In the folder, select the cog wheel in the upper right corner to open its Settings menu (Fig. 1). 

Figure 1 

1.3. On the Overview tab of the Settings menu, scroll down to the section Course Copy and select Choose source folder (Fig. 2). 

Figure 2 

1.3.a. Prior to selecting your source folder, you can opt to include scheduled and/or Zoom recordings from being copied. To do so, deselect the checkboxes next to Do not copy Zoom videos during course copy and Do not copy scheduled recordings during course copy (Fig. 3). Note: we advise you NOT to copy over zoom content as they include student information not permitted in another course under FERPA.

 Figure 3 

1.4. Choose the folder you want to copy into this folder by either typing its name or locating it on the drop down menu that appears (Fig. 4). Note: you must have instructor access to the linked Canvas course on the folder you choose. 

Figure 4 

1.6. Select Begin course copy (Fig. 5).  The course copy will automatically begin, and copy videos from your selected folder over into the new folder you have open. Note: depending on the volume of files you have in the original folder, processing times may vary. 

 Figure 5 

1.7. Once copied, all videos from the original course video folder and subfolders will be copied into the new course folder. Videos will NOT include notes, discussions, or viewing metrics from the previous course.