Canvas Course Settings

The Settings navigation link from within your Canvas Course site where you can review and update some of the basic information about your course, modify the navigation of your course and enable additional functionality that you may find useful.  In settings you can also import content from a previous version of your course, or view basic course statistics.

Canvas Navigation Settings

You can modify your course navigation to display exactly what you want students to see and access. While students will not be able to see navigation items that you have disabled, they may still show up in your instructor view. You can tell if it is not visible to students by the eye with a slash icon next to the menu item. You can also use the student view to see exactly what students are seeing when they enter your course.

Editing your Navigation Settings

You can enable and disable navigation items by going to the "Settings" area of your Canvas course. From the setting, click on the "Navigation" tab across the top. This settings page is separated into two sections: enabled items at the top and disabled items at the bottom. To enable or disable an item, you can click and drag that item to the appropriate area. You can also click on the three dot icon next to the item and select "enable" or "disable". When enabling an item, the order in which they appear in the "enable" section will be how it is ordered in the navigation.

It is important to remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save" when you are done. This step is often overlooked, and missing it will cause you to lose the changes you have made.

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Canvas Course Notification Settings

Notifications can be set at the user's account level which become the default for all courses. Granular notifications can be set to be received immediately, in a daily or weekly summary, or not at all. Modifying these settings will be applied to all courses you are enrolled in.  

While notifications are set at the account level and are applied to all courses your are enrolled in, you are able to enable and disable notifications for individual courses course. 

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