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Zoom and Zoom HIPAA in Canvas

If you are an instructor who has a Zoom HIPAA account, it is possible your support staff, teaching assistants, guest instructors and your students may have regular Zoom accounts. Here are some commonly asked questions about how to manage a course in Canvas in this scenario.

What are the differences between Zoom and Zoom HIPAA?

For a list of feature difference between Zoom and Zoom HIPAA please see the following guide from ITS:

How do I manually record a Zoom HIPAA Session and upload it to Canvas?

Check out our "Zoom Local Recordings: Accessing / Sharing via Media Library" article for more information about locating and uploading local Zoom recordings to the Media Library in Canvas.

Because HIPAA requirements do not allow for Cloud recording in Zoom, this process is unavailable to those with Zoom HIPAA accounts. If you have a Zoom HIPAA account, you can record your sessions locally and upload to the Media Library. 

  1. In a Zoom session, select “Recording” on the controls bar and then click “Record to this Computer.” 
  2. After your session ends, Zoom will process the recording and save it in your documents folder under Zoom (both PC and Mac).
  3. In your Canvas course, select “Media Library” from the left-hand navigation bar. 
  4. Select the blue “Create” button and then click “Upload Media.” 
  5. You can drag and drop your Zoom file into the window that appears.  
  6. After the recording uploads, you will see a green check mark appear and you can close the upload window. and 
  7. The recording will then complete a processing sequence in Canvas. 
  8. After the video processes, you can change the title of your video by clicking “Settings” next to the video thumbnail. 
  9. Click “Edit” next to the title and save your changes. 

Videos are automatically available to students after they finish processing.

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