External App: Labster

What is Labster?

Available to all academic courses offered through Canvas @ Yale for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 terms, Labster in Canvas gives students access to a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. 

Accessibility Information for Faculty/Faculty Support staff considering Labster

While we are excited about the potential for Labster simulations to fill the void left by off-campus instruction, the tool does have some shortcomings that you'll want to be aware of. 

  • Students who must use a keyboard, switch device, or voice to navigate websites instead of a mouse are not able to use this software. Labster relies almost entirely on clicking, so students who cannot use a mouse will not be able to participate.

  • Students who have low vision regularly rely on magnification/zooming when using websites, and Labster does not allow you to zoom in. 

  • There may be some complications for students who are Deaf/HoH if the simulation you choose relies on sound only to convey the lesson.

In light of this, you should be prepared to provide an equitable alternative learning activity for a student registered with SAS who finds the Labster environment to be inaccessible, particularly if the use of Labster is part of a graded activity.

More information on Labster's commitment to Accessibility is available here.

How can I get started?

Browse, review and test out Labster’s 100+ simulations through the following Faculty Resources page. This page features learning objectives, screencasts, quiz questions, descriptions, storylines, theory material and play options for every simulation.

How do I install Labster simulations in my course?

From the Labster Faculty Resources page, go to the Upload to LMS tab, and select  +Add Simulations to your LMS.

Select the simulations you wish to add to your course, and click Download to get the content as a common cartridge to add to your class.

Be sure to select "Canvas" from the LMS file list.

Once you have downloaded the Common Cartridge File, you can follow these instructions to import the content into your Canvas site.

Step 2: (Teacher) Add Labster simulations to your Canvas course

If you have trouble accessing the cartridge or installing the simulations in your course, please contact askpoorvucenter@yale.edu.

Introducing Labster to your Students

You may want to share the following resource with your students to help them also have a successful experience using the Labster simulations.