External App: WordPress in Canvas

Welcome to WordPress in Canvas, our local instance of CampusPress by EduBlogs

WordPress in Canvas sites are available upon request for official courses, and will be linked to your Canvas site automatically.  Similar to Canvas sites, a new site will be created each term base on the course ID, and instructor content can be cloned from year to year.  

If you wish to keep a WordPress site active for more than one course, e.g., for course portals, course websites with no student content, please create a CampusPress for Yale Wordpress Site.

To request a WordPress in Canvas site, please go to and complete the following request form:


Key New Features of WordPress in Canvas include:

  • LTI Integration with Canvas
    • Including a link from your Canvas site to the Class Blog automatically on site request
    • One click addition of students, TAs and others users enrolled in your Canvas class to your Wordpress site in the role you define
    • Automatic removal of users no longer participating in a class after add/drop period
  • My Class is the ultimate tool for class and student blogging.   It allows you to connect student blogs to your class blog where you can control the student blog privacy, comment moderation and post moderation on all student blogs with just one click.

For additional assistance in using Wordpress in Canvas, please email CampusPress directly: contact@campuspress.com.

Canvas LTI Integration

The Canvas LTI Integration, found under Settings -> LTI Integration, does the following:

  1. Connects your site to your Canvas Course by adding a "Course blog" link to your left hand navigation.
  2. Maps your user roles from Canvas to Wordpress according to your preference
  3. Directs your users to either the Front-End or the Back-End (Dashboard) of your site from Canvas.
  4. Removes the users no longer enrolled in your Canvas site from your WordPress site 2x daily, if selected.

Site Visibility

To change these settings, go to your WordPress site Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading.

  1. Scroll to the Site Visibility section
  2. Select the option for your site. 
    1. Only Registered users is the default, locking your site to those enrolled in your Canvas site.
    2. Only administrators would another option if you would like to work on your site prior to allowing your students access.
  3. Click Save Changes

Set Comments to Post Immediately Without Moderating

To change these settings, go to your WordPress site Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion.

  1. Find the Before a Comment Appears section.
  2. Un-select the Comment must be manually approved option
  3. Click Save Changes
Discussion Settings Page with settings set to allow posts to be posted immediately