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Blackboard Ally: Points of Contact by School

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Each school at Yale University has their own points of contact that you can reach out to with questions or for additional help with either Blackboard Ally or other accessibility concerns with the design and facilitation of your course content. Please see below for your school's point of contact.

If you do not see your school on this list, please contact [email protected] with your questions about Blackboard Ally or accessibility concerns.

Yale College & Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Yale Divinity School

  • Graziano Kratli, Digital Projects & Technology Librarian

Yale School of Drama

Yale School of the Environment

Yale School of Management

  • Lacey D’Amato, Assistant Director, Faculty Support Services
  • Heather Amero, Faculty Support Team Lead

Yale School of Medicine

  • Gary Leydon, Associate Director for Tech Services, Teaching and Learning Center
  • Lisa Egan, Project Specialist, Faculty Support

Yale School of Nursing

  • Ekaterina Ginzburg, Assistant Dean
  • Joshua Gleason, Manager, Instructional Technology Solutions

Yale School of Public Health

  • Mike Honsberger, Director of Academic Affairs
  • Lauren Babcock-Dunning, Director of Online and Certificate Education

For more help with Blackboard Ally, please email [email protected].

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