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Admin Access Request Process

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Registrars and departmental support staff may have admin level access in Canvas. Admin level access in Canvas will allow users to find and access academic courses sites. Admin access must be requested by a designated requester. Please review the information below for details on the Admin Access process.

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Requesting Admin Access

To ensure that admin access in Canvas is provided to those who need it, only a Designated Requester can submit a Canvas admin access request for other users.  

If you need admin access in Canvas, contact your registrar or school / department designated requester. The requester will complete the Admin Access Request Form on your behalf.

New admins will have two week from when the request was initiated to complete all of the requirements. Incomplete requests will be canceled and will need to be resubmitted by a designated requester through the Admin Access Request Form. 

Designated Requesters

Designated requesters are individuals in a department / school who are provided the ability to request Canvas admin access on behalf of another user. These requests are submitted via the Canvas Admin Access Request Form and are processed by the Poorvu Center's Educational Technology team.

Designated requesters must:

  1. Fully vet requested admin users to ensure that they are appropriate candidates for admin level access in Canvas prior to submitting a request.
  2. Follow up with requested users to ensure that they meet the admin access requirements before their request expires.
  3. Submit Canvas admin requests to remove any user (including yourself) who has left the department, changed roles, or have left the university.
  4. Confirm continued access for previously requested admin level users as a part of periodic Canvas admin audits.

Click here to view a full list Canvas Admin Requesters - NOTE: This article requires CAS authentication

Admin Access Requirements

If a designated requester has submitted an admin access request, the potential new admin will need to complete certain requirements before access can be granted. Similarly, renewing and returning Canvas admin users will also need to complete certain requirements to maintain or restore access. Admin access will be granted to appropriate users once the following requirements have been met:

  1. Completion of the Canvas Admin Access Tutorial
  2. Acknowledgment of the Canvas FERPA Agreement
  3. Agreement to the Canvas Acceptable Use Policy

For more information on the Canvas Admin Access request process or if you have an admin access request not outlined above, please contact [email protected].

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