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Piazza Account Creation and Modify Your Settings

Piazza is a third party online discussion board that instructors may use to facilitate learning in their courses. This article provides guidance on creating a Piazza account and modifying your account settings.

If an instructor has opted to use the Piazza Q&A online discussion board in your class, you will see a left menu item “Piazza” in your Canvas site.  This link will bring you to the Piazza platform, and prompt you to create an account, if you do not already have one, or will pass you through automatically if you have used it before.

Account Creation

If you are creating an account for the first time, it will ask you to verify additional academic information. This is not required to participate in the Piazza Q&A discussion board, and it is our recommendation that you think carefully about any information you share.  If you do not wish to share information with Piazza, you can choose “I’m not pursuing a degree” before you continue.  This will not limit your ability to use Piazza Q&A.

Verify Account Information

The additional Piazza Network is also not required to participate in the Piazza Q&A discussion board.  Enrolling in the Piazza Network allows Piazza to share your information with commercial companies, and you should carefully consider whether you wish to enroll.

Option Join Piazza Network

If at any time you wish to verify your account settings, you can go to the gear in the top, right of the screen.

Verify Account Settings

For additional assistance on how to use Piazza Q&A, please see the Piazza Support Center. For general help, please contact