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Alternative formats of content in Canvas

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Yale's Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning is integrating Blackboard Ally in Canvas @ Yale. Ally provides more accessible formats of content shared through Canvas. To learn how to obtain alternative formats within Canvas, please see our help documentation: Ally for More Accessible Content

For more information regarding the digital content available in Canvas, please see the vendor guides relating to:

Accessible Versions throughout Canvas

Throughout the course site, students and faculty will notice a small down arrow next to content linked to from various tools in Canvas.

Clicking on this down arrow will surface a pull down menu inviting participants to download the original file uploaded by the instructor, or to choose from one of several alternative formats for download.

Alternative formats of content are generated on demand, and downloaded to your local computer.

Accessing alternative formats in the Syllabus

If an instructor has chosen to link to a downloadable version of the syllabus, alternative formats of the file will be available through the submenu.

Accessing alternative formats of content in Files

When accessing content through the Files tool in Canvas, hover over the file row to the far right, and a drop down menu will appear.  When available, the Alternative Formats menu will be presented.

There are other paths to alternative formats. When a file is selected in the Files tool, a small A-shaped icon appears towards the top of the list of files. This only appears when one file is selected.

In order to access the accessible version, there is an icon next to the download icon.

Alternatively, if you click on a file to view it in preview mode, alternative formats are made available through a button on the top of the screen.

Accessing alternative formats of content in Announcements

When content is shared directly from within an Announcement posted in a Canvas site, alternative formats of that piece of content will be found where that file is linked.

Accessing alternative versions in Assignments

Content shared in an assignment by the instructor will have alternative formats made available through the linked file drop down menu, but student submissions will NOT be scanned by Ally and will not have alternative formats made available to the faculty member or to peers during a peer review.

Accessing alternative formats of Files in Modules

When a file is linked to directly from within a Module as shown here:

screenshot of what the file within the Modules area looks like.

The alternative formats of the content are found within the top portion of the window after you've opened it to view.

Accessing alternative formats of content in Discussions

Content linked from discussions by the instructor will have alternative formats available.  Content shared by students will NOT be scanned by Ally, and will NOT have accessible versions made available to readers.

Accessing alternative formats of content in Pages

Content linked in Pages by the instructor will have alternative formats available via the drop down menu.

For more information on Canvas accessibility, please visit the Canvas vendor guides to learn more: