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How Do I Register My Turning Account and Device for a Course?


  • You will only need one clicker.  Your clicker will work in all of the Yale College courses that use clickers.
  • You will only need to complete the following steps in one course site.  Your clicker information will propagate to any and all other course sites that require a clicker registration.

Go to Turning Account Registration

In your course site, click the Turning Account Registration tool in the left side navigation panel.

Click Load Turning Account Registration in a new window

Click Load Clicker Registration in a new window

With your email in the field above click "Create an account" or Log In

Follow the on-screen prompts to create your account or log in if you have previously created a TurningTechnologies account. Make sure you use your Yale email address when creating a TurningTechnologies account.

Redeem your license

Enter the license code from the Turning Account scratch-off license card. 

Register Polling Device

If using a hardware clicker, once prompted add the six digit clicker ID found on the back of the clicker. Your clicker will now be tied to your licensed account. 

This account is active for one semester and can be used with clickers and smart phones. 

You may use this licence in mutlipule courses throughout the academic year. 

Any questions can be sent to: 

Registering a license or device with an existing account

If you have an existing Turning account and need to register a license or device, you can enter both from the main profile page after logging in. 

Please note that it is advised to deleted previously used clicker ID's and only have your current clicker device registered.

Use with smartphone or other digital device

If permitted in the course, any smartphone or desktop can act as a clicker. To interact with in-class polls navigate via PC to:

On a smart phone, download the Response Ware app by Turning Technologies

In both instances you'll be promted to login and join the session ID provided by the instructor.