Canvas @ YaleStudent Guide Setting up CanvasHow do I "shop" a Canvas course?

How do I "shop" a Canvas course?

NOTE: School of Management does have a different process for enrolling in their courses. Please contact the SOM registrar at for more information.

Search for Courses and View Course Syllabi

Students will need to search for courses using Online Course Selection (OCS) or Yale's Course Search. Syllabi are available in Course Search if the course has been published by the instructor.

NOTE - If a course does not have a syllabus, it may mean that the instructor has not posted a syllabus or they have not published their course site.

Register to Shop the Course

Students will need to add the course to their OCS worksheet.  (For additional information on how to use Yale Course Search / OCS, please refer to the Yale Course Search Resources section of the Registrar's Website.

Once you have added a course to your worksheet, it could take several hours before you are enrolled in the course site.  Course enrollments are processed approximately every 2 hours.

When your enrollment is processed, you will be added to the course as a "shopper".

Finalize and Seal Your Worksheet

Once you have made your final course selections for the semester, you will need to seal your OCS worksheet.  

Once you have sealed your worksheet, your enrollment in the courses you have chosen will change from "shopper" to "student".  For all courses you shopped but decided not to take this semester, you will automatically be un-enrolled.