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Taking Respondus LockDown Browser Enabled Quizzes

Your instructor may have created Respondus LockDown Browser enabled quizzes. These quizzes will require a special browser that must be installed prior to taking the quiz. LockDown Browser is a locked browser that prevents you from printing, copying, going to another page, or using outside tools during the quiz. LockDown enabled quizzes will not allow you to take the quiz on a standard browser.

Check out the Respondus Help Article on the Computer Requirements for LockDown Browser Installations.


Note: Yale does not use Respondus Monitor

Installing Respondus LockDown Browser

Note: Each institute's installation is unique. If you already have Respondus LockDown Browser installed on you computer via a non-Yale course, you will be unable to use it for any Canvas @ Yale course. You may have more than one instance of the browser installed. If this is the case, make sure you select the correct one for your Yale course

1. To download and install Respondus LockDown Browser, you will need the custom Yale download link. You will not be able to find a link on the Respondus website, and any link you use from another institute will not work. You may also access this link by viewing the Respondus LockDown Browser enabled quiz in a standard browser. This will give you an error and direct you to the download link.

Download Respondus LockDown Browser using the custome Yale download link

2. Click "Install Now" on the download and install page. Open the file that was downloaded and follow the prompts to install the program. After it is installed, you are ready to take a Respondus LockDown Browser enabled quiz.

Taking an Assessment

1. Once Respondus LockDown Browser has been installed, open the browser. The browser will attempt to close all running programs. Declining to close these programs will cause the browser to exit, allowing you to save your work in progress if you have not done so, and close everything manually. Once everything is closed, the browser can be loaded.

2. You will notice that there is no URL bar, and very few browser functions on the top screen. The browser will also automatically load to the Canvas @ Yale log in page. If you see another institute's log in page, you may have opened the incorrect installation.

3. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course as normal. Find the Respondus LockDown Browser enabled quiz and begin the quiz as normal. Instead of receiving the error as you do in a standard browser, you are now able to take the quiz!

For more help, please refer to the Respondus Knowledgebase Help Articles. For general help, please contact