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Admin Level Supporter - Accessing Courses In Your SubAccount

This article shows how users who have elevated access in their School/Department SubAccount can access courses.

If you need elevated access to any sub-account, please contact to ensure proper documentation is completed prior to being granted access.

Please notes that cross-listed courses may be in other SubAccounts - if you are missing a course, please email and include the course number so we can give you access.

Log into Canvas

Open SubAccount

Open SubAccount
  1. In the left side global navigation bar, click the "Admin" button.
  2. Click on the appropriate SubAccount title.  (NOTE:  Undergraduate and Graduate level courses will appear in a separate SubAccounts)

SubAccount Home Page

Your SubAccount homepage will include the following sections (you may have fewer options in each section depending on your level of access in your SubAccount):

  1. Global Navigation Bar - Accessible from anywhere in Canvas.
  2. SubAccount Tools - These are advanced level tools.  Do not use these unless you have permission and have receive training on how to use these tools.
  3. Course/User Search Results - This shows courses in your SubAccount that meet the criteria of your search.  
  4. Search Tools - Use these filters and search tools to find specific courses and users in your SubAccount.  Use the "Term" filter to view courses from a specific term


Open Course

Open Course

If you use very specific words in the search tools, the course you are looking for will open right away.  

If your keywords are not as specific, you may be provided a list of courses which match your search terms.  Click the title (1) to open the course.