External App: Zoom

Zoom within Canvas allow you to schedule and display meetings directly in your Canvas course page. Students can view upcoming Zoom sessions and join them from the Zoom section within your course. 


Guest accounts (non-Yale NetID accounts) cannot schedule Zoom meetings through Canvas.  

Guest accounts with a student-level role (Student, Guest Student, Auditor, Shopper, etc...) can attend Zoom meetings.

The new Zoom Pro LTI was installed July 22, 2019.  Updates and features of the new LTI include:

  • Scheduled meetings will automatically appear on the course Calendar & Syllabus Course Summary section.
  • Deleted meeting will automatically be removed from the course Calendar & Syllabus Course Summary section.
  • All users enrolled in the course will receive an Inbox/Conversation message when a Zoom meeting is scheduled or cancelled.
  • Instructor view will only show meetings scheduled for the course they are currently in.
  • Instructor view will display all meetings scheduled for the course regardless of who created the meeting.

Enabling Zoom within a Canvas course

Zoom is hidden by default within Canvas courses. If you wish to use Zoom in Canvas, you will first need to navigate to the settings tab on your course page.

Then navigate to the "Navigation" tab, drag the Zoom item from the lower list to the upper list of active course items and click "save".

Zoom will now appear in your left hand course navigation menu.

Scheduling meetings within Canvas

Zoom Meetings can be scheduled from within your Canvas Course. You can access the Zoom for Canvas tool from the navigation area for the course. The landing page shows information on upcoming meetings and previous meetings. To begin scheduling a session to appear on your Canvas page click the "Schedule a New Meeting" button.

Once you have selected "Schedule a New Meeting" you will be brought to a page to enter the meeting information such as the time and name of the meeting. If this will be a regularly occurring session, you can select "Recurring Meeting" and enter the necessary information. 

Once you fill out the necessary information and click "Save", you will be brought to a screen confirming the details of your meeting settings. 


You can find more information on meeting options in Zoom's guide on scheduling meetings: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362413-How-Do-I-Schedule-Meetings-

Calendar & Conversation Notifications

With the new Zoom Pro LTI, once you schedule or cancel a Zoom meeting a message will automatically be sent to your students through the Inbox (Conversations) tool.**  New meetings will also be placed on the course calendar and on the Syllabus under the Course Summary.  Deleted meetings with be removed from both the calendar and Syllabus.

Example Inbox / Conversation Message

  1. Go to the Inbox tool [A].
  2. Click on the message [B].
  3. The message will appear with the details and the link to join the meeting.
  4. If the user has elected to do so, they will also receive a copy of this Inbox message in their Yale email account.

** If an admin who is not enrolled in the course's People tool creates the Zoom meeting, the Inbox / Conversation message will NOT be sent.

Example Calendar Post

  1. Go to the Calendar tool [A].
  2. Make sure that you have selected the calendar for your course [B].
  3. Your event will appear on the calendar - click the calendar item to view additional details and the link to join the meeting [C].

Example Syllabus Course Summary

  1. Go to your course's Syllabus tool [A].
  2. Go to the Course Summary section and your meeting will be listed there [B].


Displaying meetings in Canvas as host

As the host of the meeting you will see tabs for your upcoming meetings, previous meetings, personal meeting room and cloud recordings. Please note that your upcoming meetings will list only meetings associated with this course. The personal meeting room and cloud recording tabs are not visible to students. Additionally, if another instructor or TA schedules a meeting in the class it will appear in the list of upcoming meetings.

Displaying meetings in Canvas as student

Students will only see tabs for upcoming meetings and previous meetings and do not have the ability to schedule meetings in the class. Currently, the recordings column will not display session recordings if you have recorded your meeting. If you wish to make a recording available to your students, you can download the recording from Zoom and upload in the Media Library.