Canvas Documentation for Librarians

Types of Guides To Link To

When adding a Library Resources button to a course, you can link to one of the following types of guides:

Before you begin...

NOTE:  To complete the following steps, you must be added to a course site with the role of “Librarian”. Please contact the instructor of the course to add you to their course site.

Once added to the course, you will receive an email invitation to the course.  Be sure that you click the “Accept” button in that email, or log into Canvas and click the “Accept” button on the Dashboard page [1].

Access the course

1.   Log into Canvas (

2.   Click on the title of the course.

Add the Library Resources Button

3.   Once inside the course site, click on the “Settings” link in the course navigation. [2]

4.   In the settings area, click the “Apps” tab. [3]

5.   In the “Filter by name” search bar [4] on the Apps page, type in the word “Redirect”.  The App options will filter as you type.  

6.   Click on the Redirect tool (large blue arrow icon) [5] and then click the “Add App” button [6].


7.   A pop-up will appear where you will need to enter the following information:

    a.   Name - This is the text that will appear in the course navigation for students to click on. Type “Library Resources”. [7]

    b.   URL Redirect - This is the URL you will chose for the Library Resources button.** [8]

    c.   Select the checkbox for “Show in Course Navigation”.  [9]

    d.   Click the “Add App” button. [10]

** Remember, the types of guides you link to should be one of the following:

8.   After you have added the link, you will see a quick notification at the top of the page.  

9.   Refresh your browser (or just click on the “Home” link for the course) and you will see the new link in the course navigation.

Delete the Library Resources Button

10.  Once inside the course site, click on the “Settings” link in the course navigation [11].

11.  In the settings area, click the “Apps” tab [12].

12.  Click on the “View App Configurations” button [13].

13.  Find Library Resources in the list of apps and then click the gear icon [14] next to the Library Resources.

14.  From the menu, select “Delete” [15].