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Due Dates versus Display Dates

With Canvas @ Yale, you can set both due dates and display dates for assignments and discussions. This document is designed to show the differences between the two features.

1. Due Date: When you are creating an assignment, you can set a due date. Submissions coming in after the due date will be considered late. This date will be displayed both in the assignment and in the syllabus page.

2. Display Date: If you would like to prevent the students from seeing the assignment at any time, you can set the display date. The display date will make the assignment available only within the date range set. This feature can be used to prevent students from submitting assignments after it is due.

screenshot to identify where the due date and availability dates are within the assignment options.

 Note: The assignment will still be visible on the syllabus page, but when the students click onto the assignment, they will get a page similar to below:

screenshot to identify where the students would see the availability times on the assignment.

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