Blind Grading

Canvas allows you to hide student names in Assignments, or in the Gradebook.

By default, student names are shown in the Gradebook. However, you can hide student names in the Gradebook to remove bias in grading.

You can hide student names in SpeedGrader for anonymous grading at the course level, and at the assignments level.

How do I hide student names in the Gradebook?

From your Course Navigation, click Grades [1], click the Settings icon [2], and choose to Hide Student Names [3].

Hiding Student Names from Gradebook

You can undo this action, by clicking Grades in your Course Navigation [1], choose the Settings icon [2], and select Show Student Names [3].

Show student names in Gradebook

Enabling Blind Grading at the Assignment Level

Open SpeedGrader from the assignment you would like to grade anonymously [1].

SpeedGrader from an Assignment

Click the Settings icon near the top left of the browser [2].

Gear icon in assignment

From the pop up, check the box to Hide student names in the SpeedGrader [3], and click Save Settings [4].

Check Hide Student Names and Click Save

You can check to see that the student names are hidden by clicking the student drop down menu. You will see the names of students are now listed as Student 1, Student 2, etc.

screenshot of student list in assignment

Enabling Blind Grading at the Course Level

From your Course Navigation, click Settings [1], and select the tab Feature Options [2], and turn on Anonymous Grading [3]. Turning this option on forces student names to be hidden in SpeedGrader.

Blind grading at the course level

More information about blind grading can be found on the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning's website.

For more information on anonymous grading, visit the vendor guides regarding: