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Migrate Classes*v2 Resources to Canvas Files

During the summer of 2017, we copied instructional materials from the most recently used Classes*v2 site for each unique course taught since fall 2008. As the instructor of record, you were enrolled in these course sites. You will find these courses in Canvas under All Courses, Past Enrollments and labelled with a term ending in "T" (e.g. Fall 2015 T).  

To request an additional course migration from Classes*v2 to Canvas, please complete the Course Content Migration Request form.

Please note that web links (URLs) are NOT supported in Canvas Files.  Web links will be converted to a page which contains the link to the website.

By default, each Canvas course site comes with 1 GB of file storage. If you need additional space, please email and we are happy to assist you.

OPTION A:  Use a ZIP archive file

Use this option if you do NOT already have course materials on your computer.

  1. Log into Classes*v2 / v2*Vault
  2. Create a ZIP archive file of your course's Resources: How do I create a zip archive file in Resources?
  3. Download the ZIP file by clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (PC) the ZIP file.
  4. Save the ZIP file to your computer by selecting Save File (Mac) or Download/Save as (PC).  
  5. Import ZIP file into Canvas: How do I upload ZIP files as an instructor?

For more information about the Resources tool in Classes*v2:

OPTION B:  Manually upload files (individual or bulk)

Use this option if you already have course materials on your computer.

  1. Log into Canvas @ Yale and click on the course site
  2. Upload files into Canvas: How to bulk upload files to a course?

For more Information about the Files tool in Canvas:

Files tool guides (Vendor Guides)

If you would like to migrate Classes*v2 Tests & Quizzes to Canvas, please see this article: Migrate Classes*v2 Test & Quizzes to Canvas Quizzes.