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Migrate Classes*v2 Resources to Canvas Files

Please note that Web Links (URLs) are not supported in Canvas Files.  Web Links will be converted to a page which contains the link to the website.

By Default, you are given 500 MB of space within your Canvas course. For any reason you feel you need more space, please email and we are happy to assist you.

If you would like to migrate Classes*v2 Tests and Quizzes to Canvas, please see this article: Migrate Classes*v2 Test and Quizzes to Canvas Quizzes.

Starting early summer 2017, we will copy instructional materials from the most recently used Classes*v2 site for each course taught since 2009. As the instructor of record to the courses, you will be enrolled once the transition is complete to verify and re-use the materials. We ask for you to wait until the process is completed to then request any additional courses that you would like migrated to Canvas. To request an additional course migration from Classes*v2 to Canvas, please fill out this form: Course Migration Request Form.

OPTION 1:  Use a ZIP Archive

Use this option if you do not have current copies of your files on your computer.

Create a ZIP Archive

In Classes*v2, create a ZIP Archive of your course's Resources: How to Create a Zip Folder in Classes*v2 Resources

Download ZIP Archive

Download the ZIP Archive by right clicking (PC) or control clicking (Mac) the ZIP file and then selecting download/save as.  Save the file to your computer.

OPTION 2:  Manual upload files (individual or bulk)

Can use this if you have current copies of your files on your computer

Go to Canvas

Log into your Canvas course site

Upload Files

Follow the instructions listed here:  How to Bulk Upload Files into a Canvas Course?

For more Information about the Files tool in Canvas:

How do I upload files in a course?

Files tool guides (Vendor Guides)