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How do I Grade Assignments?

1. Click on Assignments within the Course Menu

Click on Assignments from the course navigation

2. Click the link (or name) of the assignment that you would like to grade.

Click on the name of the assignment you want to grade.

3. Click on “SpeedGrader” on the right-hand side to begin grading.

Screenshot on the different components of speedgrader


A. Student’s name which work is being currently displayed. You can work between students using the left and right arrow.


B. In-line grading functionality. You can leave comments on the student’s work without having to download the document onto your computer.


C. Preview of student’s file. You can use the in-line grading functionality on this preview and the students will see your comments.


D. By muting the assignment, you can hold off on student’s receiving feedback until you unmute the assignment.


E. If you would like to download the student’s file, you can find the submitted files here.


F. This is where you can grade and provide feedback. By clicking “Submit Comment”, you will be submitting the grade.

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