Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides CommunicationHow do I Communicate with my Students?

How do I Communicate with my Students?

With Canvas @ Yale, you have several options available to you in order to contact your students with relevant information. This document is designed to delineate how each option can be used.


 With announcements, you can create messages that will go to all of your students and remain on your course site.

Example 1: If you have to update a reading and want to give the students the link when they log into your course.

Example 2: Changes to a due date to class schedule.

Example 3: Clarification of a course-related issue (i.e. content-related or system related).

 For more information on Announcements:

Conversations (Inbox):

Conversations (Inbox) can be used as an in-Canvas email system. Inbox is a messaging tool used instead of email to communicate with a course, a group, an individual student, or a group of students. You can communicate with other people in your course at any time.  Note: You can only send messages to individuals who are enrolled in the same course as you.

Although you have one inbox for all your courses, you can filter by course and by section. Note: In order to receive a copy of the message you send out to students, in your Notifications, you will need to select “Conversations Created By Me” under the Conversations sub header.

Example 1: If you need to email a specific section or student within the course.

Example 2: If you would like to view and reply to assignment submission comments.

For more information on Inbox (Conversations):

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