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How to Use Course Archive Once Downloaded

This article is intended to describe how to utilize the Course Archive file once it is downloaded onto your computer. In order to use the Course Archiver Tool, please see this help document: Course Archiver Tool.

NOTE: Please keep in mind your responsibility to protect the confidentiality and security of any materials downloaded from Classes*v2 which identify students in particular Yale classes. You may use Secure Box @ Yale for storage of FERPA-protected educational records. If you have questions regarding proper use and protection of student records, please refer to the following guidance provided by the University:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Guidance for Members of the Faculty and Staff

Protect Your Data

Open Downloaded Zip File

1. Open your course archive from your downloads.

2. Once the zip file is open, if you are using a PC, click "extract all".

3. Click on the index.html file.

Once you open the index.html file, you will see a folder structure for your v2 course. Each folder can be expanded to show the information in each folder.

NOTE: To obtain additional student work from this course, please use the Student Work Archive Request form.