How do I use the Sign-Up Tool?

Beginning fall 2017, we have recreated the Sign-Up tool within Canvas which reflects a lot of the qualities of the Classes*v2 sign-up tool. The purpose of this article is to describe how to use the Sign-Up tool

Please note: Sign-Up Tool is currently within a beta release. This means that there could be additional changes made based on the feedback received from those who are using the tool. If you are using the tool and would like to provide us with feedback, please fill out the following Google Form: Sign-Up Tool Beta Release Feedback.

To access Sign-Up

  1. Go to Sign Up from global navigation

To create a new appointment:

  1. Click “New”
  1. General Info
    • The only information which is required is title. However, you can also include the location, details, and address for the appointment blocks.

2.     Choose the start date and the times of the appointments.

3.     Set the frequency (i.e. does not repeat, daily M-F, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly) and set the amount of occurrences.

4.     Set the duration (10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute, 25 minute, 30 minute), then select "Pick Slots".

*Note* You want to select the date that this will start.

(See screenshot below for details)

5.     Each slot is then created. You can modify each date, start time, and end time individually if needed.

6.     If needed, you can delete a time slot.

7.      If you are using this for multiple courses  or groups, you can select every course applicable.

8.     You can set the Max # of users per slot, max # of slots per users, and the user visbility. Note: If it is set to "visible", students will be able to see who have signed up for that time slot.

9.     Click Publish to make available to students.

How to Edit an Appointment Block

From the Sign-Up too, click "Edit"

(See screenshot below for details)

A.     Change the General Information.

B.      Modify the frequency of the appointment.

C.     Delete an individual appointment.

D.     Save the changes to the appointment.

E.      Change the date of the appointment.

F.       Modify start times for each appointment.

G.      Modify end times for each appointment.

H.      Modify max # of users each appointment.

I.        Change the max # of users per slot

J.       Change the max # of slots per user.

K.       Modify user visibility.

L.        Save.

How to Edit a Time Slot

Once you are in the edit appointment group, you can click on an individual time slot and modify the criteria.

1. To change the date, you can click on the date, and a calendar will populate.

2. You can also change the start time and the end time (3).

4. Finally, you can modify the user limit for each individual time slot.

How to Reserve a Time Slot for a Student

In order to reserve a time slot on the student's behalf, you need to open the appointment group to display the time slots and availablity.

1. Click on the time slot you would like to choose for the student.

2. Choose the student you are reserving the time slot for.

3. The student's name will appear asscociated with the "reserve for".

4. Click "Reserve" and now the selection will indicate that it is filled.

How to View who Reserved a Time Slot

To see who has reserved a time slot:

1. Click on the time slot which has a reservation.

2. You will see the student's name listed under attendees.

How to Unreserve an Attendees' Reservation

To unreserve an attendees' reservation, you want to first view who has reserved the time slot. The you click on "Unreserve" next to the attendees' name.

A pop-up window will appear where you can write comments to the attendees on why you are unreserving their selection. Then click "Ok".

How to Email Appointment Group Participants

1.      Click on the blue envelope associated with the appointment group.

2.      Select the category of students you would like to message.

3.      Type your message, including subject, then hit send. The students will receive this via their Yale email address.

How to Modify Appointment Notifications

1. Click on the gear icon associated with the appointment group and select "Notifications"

2. Modify Appointment Block notifications and/ or appointment group notifications.

3. Hit Save.

Note: To see a description of each item within the notification settings, click on the name.