Bulk Migration Information

This article describes the bulk migration of Classes*v2 course materials to Canvas. We have completed process of migrating the most recent copy of every unique course taught since Fall 2008 by each instructor. These courses are available in a read-only format within your Past Enrollments on Canvas.

Note: Only faculty content was migrated- no student submissions have been migrated into Canvas.

Note: Students and Faculty will maintain access to Classes*v2 until May 31, 2019.

Note: Courses that have been migrated over but you do not plan on using can be ignored.

Examples of What Will be Migrated:

  • If you taught the same course every year for 8 years, you would get one copy of that course, the most recent version.
  • If you taught a different course every year for 8 years, 8 different courses would transfer.
  • If the same course is taught by a different person each year for 8 years, 8 copies would come over, with the different instructors enrolled in their respective course.

How to Access Your Migrated Courses:

To view your past courses, click the "Courses" button in the Global Navigation bar and select "All Courses". For more information, please refer to our help article: How to View Past Term Courses and Classes*v2 Migrated Courses.

How to Request More Courses to be Migrated to Canvas:

In some unique situations, you may want to retain all your Classes*v2 versions of the courses taught. Some examples could be independent studies, seminars, and different readings/topics used throughout the years.

To request more courses to be migrated, please submit the Course Migration Request form for each course (including the course URL) that you would like migrated over.

How to Copy a Canvas course into another Canvas course:

Since the migrated courses are in a read-only state, to edit, revise, or utilize the information, you will need to copy the migrated course into an active course site. To do so, please read our help article: Copy Content from One Canvas Course into Another Canvas Course. By default, each Canvas course site comes with 1 GB of file storage. If you feel you need more space, please email canvas@yale.edu and we are happy to assist you.

Note: If you receive errors while copying a migrated course, please contact canvas@yale.edu with the course information and error message for support.

What Tools Were Included:

Assignments → Assignments

  • All assignments were migrated into the Assignments tool in Canvas with due dates, points, and closed status.
  • Assignment attachments were migrated into Files in a folder labeled “assignments.”
    • Some file types may not have migrated properly - please double check any of these file types that you may have had in your Classes*v2 course.

Forums → Discussions

  • Forums moved over as a discussion with a “Forum -” prefix.
  • Topics moved over as a discussion as-is.
  • The order (top-bottom) of Forums and Topics were maintained in Canvas.
  • Both Forums and Topics are at the same level in Canvas as Canvas does not have the same Forum > Topic hierarchy as Classes*v2.
  • Forums/topics that were in “draft” state in v2 come over to Canvas without that designation.

Home → Home

  • Homepage descriptions and HTML pages migrated over as-is.
  • Homepage files / images are migrated into Files in a folder labeled “home” and linked to from Home.
  • Note: Images may looked skewed due to the more narrow content area in Canvas. Therefore, images may need to be resized.
  • Redirects did NOT migrate over.
    • Alternative - Please go back into the Classes*v2 course to capture the URL.


  • HTML syllabi migrated over as-is.
  • Syllabus attachments were migrated into Files in a folder labeled “syllabus” and linked to from the Syllabus tool.
  • Redirects did NOT migrate over.
    • Alternative - Please go back into the Classes*v2 to capture the URL.

Resources → Files

  • All resource folders and files migrated over into Files in a folder labeled “resources.”
  • Folder structure remained intact
  • Active website links migrated over in an HTML page. Broken web links DID NOT migrate over.
  • Resources pointing to a local file (ex. file/C:) DID NOT migrate over.
  • Note: The folder from Classes*v2 will have the original folder name rather than the name of the folder that it was changed to. 
  • Note: resource folders with parenthesis may create more than one folder for subfolders and individual files.

Excluded Tools

The following tools were NOT part of the bulk migration:

  • Announcements 
  • Tests & Quizzes 
  • Media Library 

To have Announcements, Tests & Quizzes, and/or Media Library content migrated to Canvas, please submit the Course Content Migration Request form.

Canvas Files

Video and media files should be uploaded into the Media Library tool and not into Files. If you have some media files within the Files area, you can download them onto your computer to be able to upload into the Media Library. Please see this help document to download a file within your Canvas course.

Media Gallery in Classes*v2

Media Gallery/Media Library files were NOT part of the bulk migration. In order to have your Media Gallery/Media Library content migrated from Classes*v2 to Canvas, please see the articles below. If you would like assistance with migrating your media files, please submit the Course Content Migration Request form.

How to get support:

For more information on how to prepare your course for the term, please see the links below: