Project Site Migration

Starting Summer 2017, all project sites within Classes*v2 will be evaluated and migrated from Classes*v2 to a platform which fits the project site's needs. This may or may not be Canvas.

Please note:  Project Sites in Canvas @ Yale do not offer the same granularity in setting permissions or roles as Classes*v2 did, and departments and individuals should think carefully about who their audience will be when requesting Project Sites.

The following list has been designed to help determine whether or not Canvas is an appropriate platform for your Project Site needs, and if not, offer alternative solutions to archive and store their digital files. Note that Project Sites are for active and collaborative work and should not be considered a file storage system for reference purposes.



Department & Program Sites

  • YaleConnect (OrgSync)
    • Student forms, fellowship information, scheduling for DUS/DGS hours, orals lists, and more.


  • Canvas @ Yale
    • Instructional sites, grading, working & reading groups


  • Canvas @ Yale
    • Faculty-shared resources
  • Interfolio
    • Promotions, job reviews, tenures cases
  • Box @ Yale
    • File sharing and co-authoring documents

To request a new project site appropriate for Canvas, please complete the Project Site Request form.