Anonymous Feedback Tool

We have created a special tool to mirror the Anonymous Feedback tool within Classes*V2. Only official instructors and students enrolled within the course can use this tool.

Anonymous Feedback is automatically within the Course Navigation for Yale College courses. If you do not see the tool “Feedback” within your navigation, please refer to this article: Modify Your Course Navigation.

For courses with multiple instructors, if one instructor reads the feedback, it will appear as “read” for all instructors. If one instructor deletes feedback, it is removed from all instructors’ views.

1. Click “Feedback” from Course Navigation

Instructor View

2. You will see a preview of the comment. Click on the preview to read the full comment.

3. Status of comments

4. Option to select specific or all comments.

5. Can mark all messages as read or delete selected messages.

Student View

6. Type your message here.

7. Click submit.

For individuals who are not official instructors or registered students, they will receive this message:  

Due to your enrollment, you do not have access to this tool. If you think this is in error, please contact your instructor.