Anonymous Feedback Tool

We have created a special tool to mirror the Anonymous Feedback tool within Classes*V2. Only official instructors and students enrolled within the course can use this tool.

Anonymous Feedback is currently available in the course navigation by default for Yale College, Divinity School, and School of Law courses. If you are interested in using this tool for another course/school, please use this article to add it to your course navigation: Modify Your Course Navigation.

For courses with multiple instructors, if one instructor reads the feedback, it will appear as “read” for all instructors. 

1. Click “Feedback” from Course Navigation

Anonymous Feedback from Course Navigation

Instructor View

Once you click the Feedback tab in the Course Navigation, if there is feedback, you will see a preview of the comment [1]. Click on the preview to read the full comment [2].

You can also see the status of the comments, either read or unread [3]. To mark a comment as read, select Mark as Read [4].

Screenshot of anonymous feedback.

You also have the option to download all of the feedback into a CSV file. In order to download feedback, click on "Download CSV". This will download your feedback onto your computer.

Download Anonymous Feedback CSV

Student View

Students will see the Feedback tab in the Course Navigation. Once clicked, they can write up to 1000 characters of feedback. Clicking Submit will submit their feedback.

Click on feedback from course navigation, then enter comment and click submit.

Keep in mind, students can  submit feedback as often as they like.

For individuals who are not official instructors or registered students, they will receive this message:  

screenshot of error message when you do not have access to anonymous feedback.

For more information or help with the Feedback tool, please contact