Accessing Group Sites

Once you create Group Sets and Groups, each Group has its own group site that is created in order for the students within the group to collaborate together. The purpose of this document is to show instructors and teaching fellows how they can access the Group’s Homepage.

1. From the Course Navigation, Click on “People”.

2. Click on the Group Set

3. Then, click on the gear associated with the group and select “Visit Group Homepage”.

The following tools are available within the Group Site:

1. Announcements

2. Pages

3. People

4. Discussions

5. Files  

6. Conferences

7. Collaborations

Note: The students will have the access to use all the tools within their specific group site, including posting announcements, uploading files, and creating pages.

For more information about accessing Group sites:

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If you would like to learn more about this tool, please consider attending one of our workshops or schedule a one-on-one consultation: