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Canvas for FAS Preregistration Applications

This guide is written in support of the Yale College Fall 2020 Registration activities for creating  preregistration applications through the Canvas Quizzes tool, should you need to limit and manage course enrollments for this fall.

Alternatives to using the Canvas Quiz tool include:

  • Manage course enrollments by local and established practice within your department.
  • Use a Qualtrics survey. The link to the Qualtrics survey can be posted in Canvas course sites or emailed to students. Contact for assistance.
  • Use Section Management* to limit enrollment in lectures through controlling the number of discussion sections available to students. Contact your departmental registrar or AA for more information.
  • Use Preference Selection* to gather student interest and notify select students that they have a seat in the course offering. 

* The use of the Section Management and Preference Selection systems will require you to work closely with the administrative assistants in your department and most the work will need to be completed before the end of July.

Please contact your department DUS or DUS Admin Assistant if you have any questions about preregistration for your course.

Informing Students a Preregistration Application is required

Preregistration requirements can be mentioned in the FAS Early Course Description in the Canvas Syllabus tool, but it is also advised to put a note in the Class Notes section of the Yale Course Search course record as well. 

Faculty should contact their registrar to get information added - the registrars will add it to a field called "Section Text" in CourseLeaf WEN, and this will update the Yale Course Search course record.

Using the Canvas Quiz Tool to collect information from your students

Faculty wishing to use Canvas to collect information from students for course admissions, or for getting to know your students better early in the semester, can use the Canvas Quizzes tool to do so.

Students MUST be enrolled in the course in order to complete a quiz in Canvas. 

Starting on August 7th, Students who add a course to their Yale Course Search Primary Worksheet will be added with the role of Shopper to the course in Canvas 2-4 hours later.  

1. Create a new Quiz in Canvas by going to Quizzes in your Fall 2020 Canvas course site, and clicking + Quiz.

2. Complete the Details portion of your Survey

3. Give your survey a title and description.

4. For Quiz Type, you will want to create a graded survey in order to tie answers back to the individuals submissions, but to not have right or wrong answers for any of the questions. 

5. You may also want to allow for multiple submissions, but to only keep the Latest version.

6. At the bottom of the first screen under Assign, set a Due date for the submissions, which was set by Yale College for August 12th

7. Complete the Questions portion of your Survey by scrolling back to the top and selecting the Questions tab. 

8. Add the appropriate questions you wish to collect as part of your application process.  The questions could look something like this, using Fill In The Blank, Essay Question, and File Upload question types depending on what you are trying to collect. Point values are only important if you wish to "give credit" for completing sections.

The Student Preview would look something like this.

And the individual results would look something like this, visible through the SpeedGrader.

You can also use a graded Canvas Survey to collect information from your students early in your class to get to know them better.

Delivering results through Canvas

Course Application results need to be communicated to students before Online Course Selection (OCS) opens for Fall 2020 on August 17th, 5pm. 

Depending on how you wish to inform your students of who has been accepted into your course - you could deliver such results privately through the Assignment Comments within Speedgrader. 

Students would see the comments through the Grades tool in Canvas by expanding the comments icon shown here.

If you wish to consider a batch-upload approach instead of one by one, you can review the Post'em documentation here, often used for placement exam result delivery to students.