How to add people to past courses

If you need to add a user to a past course, you can use these steps to temporarily unlock your course so you can add users.  When you manually add the user, they will receive an email invitation to your old course site.  After they have accepted the invite**, you can re-lock your course.

** NOTE:  If you re-lock the course before they accept the invitation, they will not have access to your course because their enrollment is not complete.  They must accept the invitation before you re-lock.

The Unlock Tool temporarily unlocks your course for ONE WEEK.  After the week has past, the course will go back to the past courses.  You can unlock/re-lock a course as many times as needed.

The Lock/Unlock Tool will only appear in courses that are in a past term.

Unlock your past course

From your Dashboard, click the Courses button [1].  In the drawer that pops out, click the All Courses link [2].

On the next screen, go to your Past Enrollments section and click on the course title [3].

Once you are in the course, go to the Settings [4] area and click on the Unlock button [5].

After you click on the unlock button, you will see a progress bar [6] until the course is fully unlocked.

Once the course is fully unlocked, you can being to add users to your course as needed.

Lock your past course

REMINDER:  Newly added users must accept the course invitation before the course is re-locked.  

Your course will automatically re-lock ONE WEEK from the date that you unlock it.  You can just leave the course alone and it will re-lock in one week.

If all users have accepted the invitation to your past course, you can manually re-lock the course.  Just go to the Settings [7] area of your course and click the Lock button [8].