Course Archiver Tool

The v2*Vault is a repository storing all courses taught in Classes*v2 from Fall 2005 - Spring 2017. This repository will be available until May 31, 2019 for all faculty to access old course sites. Instructors can use the v2*Vault keep a copy of old Classes*v2 course materials. This Course Archiver tool will create a zip file of the course content from the tools you select below. Content will be organized into folders by tool name and navigable by an index.html page. The Gradebook and Photo Roster are the only student content that will be included in the archive.

Go to the course site you would like to archive, then follow the steps below:

1.  Click on “Course Archiver” from to course navigation on the left-hand side.

NOTE: Please keep in mind your responsibility to protect the confidentiality and security of any materials downloaded from Classes*v2 which identify students in particular Yale classes. You may use Secure Box @ Yale for storage of FERPA-protected educational records. If you have questions regarding proper use and protection of student records, please refer to the following guidance provided by the University:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Guidance for Members of the Faculty and Staff

Protect Your Data

Course Archiver shown in the course menu

2.  Select the tools that you would like to include in the archive by clicking on the checkbox in front of each tool.

3.  Click “Create.”

NOTE: A folder within the zip file of each tool selected will be created, even if there is no content within the tool that you selected.

Select the tools that you want included in the archive

You will see a green box appear at the top of the page indicating that the archive is in process (indicated below). Once the archiving process is complete, you will see the following message: "An archive for this site has recently been completed. Go to Archive History to view it."

"Archive in progress" indicator

4.  Click on “Archive history tab.”

5.  Click the “Download” link next to the completed archive status.

Click "Download" on the Archive history tab

This will download a zip file to your local computer. Once you open the zip file, you will find an index.html file and a folder for each tool you selected.

NOTE: To obtain additional student work from this course, please use the Student Work Archive Request form.

To learn how to use the course archive file once downloaded, please see this help article: How to Use Course Archive Once Downloaded.